Why Choose Us

Traditional growing techniques have their limits, resulting in a number of issues.


Newly transplanted seedlings in fields are more open to attacks from insects, fungi and bacteria, due to the presence of old and decomposing crops. The effect of pests and diseases curbs their ability to produce normal yields, with a large number of seedlings succumbing to these effects.


This results in non-uniform yield, with an increase in labour costs for harvesting, as well as increased use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, ultimately leading to substantial financial losses.


Our techniques produce reliable, disease-resistant seedlings that produce uniform, high yields, resulting in a higher profit margin.


How We Can Help

Plug production


Plugs are seedlings produced in small volumes of growth media that are contained in tiny cells.


Four stages of seedling development make up plug growth—the emergence of the radicle, spreading of the cotyledon, unfolding of three or four leaves and finally, a finished plug with more than four expanded leaves.


These plug trays have exceptionally uniform seedlings ready for transplanting, with each and every one of our seedlings raised to precise specifications.