Plant quality


Young seeds are vulnerable to external factors such as diseases, pests, and harsh weather conditions, resulting in poor or uneven germination.


At Sneha Nursery, we raise the growing seeds and seedlings using plug-production techniques, providing adequate nutrition and a safe, nurturing environment. This increases the survival rate of the seedlings, due to low incidence of diseases and reduced transplantation damage.


Crop quality


The crops grown from our seedlings have high resistance to diseases. The reduction in transplantation shocks results in uniform flowering. Crop yields match the true genetic potential of the plant, resulting in betters yields for the farmer. Using healthy seedlings helps farmers plan for off season crops. At Sneha Nursery, seedlings are grown round the year, regardless of season.




Our nursery produces seedlings for farmers based on their requirements. Our greenhouses are capable of growing seedlings off-season. As a result, farmers can plan their crop cycles, placing their orders ahead of time, and saving more time between crops.


Delivery to the Field


The healthy seedlings are delivered promptly to the fields using our vehicles. This protects the root ball from damage, with the seedlings delivered at their prime.


With less time and labour being spent to transplant seedlings, decreased use of pesticides, and complete use of crop land, production costs are cut, leading to increased profits.