At Sneha Nursery, we provide cost-effective seedlings for farmers who wish to maximize their crop production, in the hopes of improving our country’s agricultural sector (we also supply seasonal flower and ornamental seedlings to households, gardeners, corporations and other nurseries).


Achieving maximum crop production is easily possible when one uses a healthy, uniform set of seedlings. Using scientific plug production techniques to raise seedlings, we achieve more control over the initial development of the crop.


And in doing so, we pass on these benefits to the farmers.


Our Values And VisionS7003490

Our aim is to produce a diverse variety of high quality vegetable, fruit, flower and ornamental plant seedlings.

We achieve this through our highly-equipped greenhouses, with systems to control and monitor temperature, humidity and fertigation, ensuring appropriate growing conditions.

This enables use to further our vision of supplying farmers with disease-free seedlings to increase their crop yield.